Photographs & History

Photographs and History



View Looking East at Dawn, of the former #1 track in the foreground ascending the jump over and #4 Track in the background. Barely visible in the lower middle are the Enola running tracks. Just west of the famed Rockville Bridge and Enola Yard, the flying junction that separates Harrisburg traffic from freights in and out of the sprawling Enola Yard complex begins to come together, heading West in the sleepy backyards of residents along South Main Street in Marysville Pennsylvania. The junction included a small freight yard for the Northern Central in the mid-1800's, which later served as a processing yard for trains coming off the Northern Division from places like Erie, Buffalo, and Williamsport. Situated in a narrow stretch between the beautiful Susquehanna River and busy combined Route 11/15 the yard is not much more than cinders today, having slowly lost its importance after a direct connection was built off the West end of the Rockville Bridge to Enola Yard in 1939. In contrast the mainline and running tracks to Enola continue to serve current owner Norfolk Southern Corporation supporting a high volume of freight and intermodal traffic and the daily round trip of the Amtrak Pennsylvanian.