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Photographs and History

New Online Article Published for Trains Magazine!


From the Main Line: Exploring Pennsylvania Railroad Rights-of-Way: This project's title, From the Main Line, came to me since I began traveling throughout the Northeast exploring what survives and what developed as a result of the presence of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

The project is the culmination of four distinct interests and their interaction: geography, history, architecture, and a life-long love of railroads. Among other reasons, I chose the Pennsylvania Railroad to satisfy a simple question,"Why would a company consider itself the Standard Railroad of the World?" I am sure many would argue that it was just plain arrogance, but that answer was not good enough. So in 2007 I set out to better understand the former PRR system, examining the various aspects of the railroad to create a cohesive survey of the railroad, its defining attributes and the landscape through which it traveled.

There are several concise topics that combine to create a holistic understanding of a railroad network and its effects on its surroundings. This approach can help one to identify the unique characteristics of any railroad corridor but specifically those that refer to the Pennsy.

This is an excerpt of a newly published web exclusive article with Trains Magazine, a collaboration with the Center for Railroad Photography and Art to bring thoughtful writing and new approaches to the genre of railroad photography. Trains magazine played a big role in my formative years, with a great collection of contemporary industry articles, excellent imagery, and historical pieces and I am honored to be a part of! Please visit the full article and web gallery for more!